Comedy gold from High Tor Players

It was difficult to say which was the funniest part of the show - Chris Gale parading around in Kermit boxer shorts , Yvonne Walker using unladylike language to tell a boring character to go away or unscripted technical difficulties which saw sound engineer Nic Wilson emulate a ringing doorbell.

High Tor Players promised a comedy feast in their comeback after a two-year hiatus - and they didn’t disappoint.

Chris Gale, Yvonne Walker and Martin Devaney in What's For Pudding? presented by High Tor Players

Chris Gale, Yvonne Walker and Martin Devaney in What's For Pudding? presented by High Tor Players

Audiences in Youlgrave, Ashover and Bakewell certainly had their appetites whetted last week with a brace of one-act plays populated by the company’s veterans and newcomers.

Meat & Two Veg saw the company’s longest-serving lady Joyce Renner team up with stalwart Bryce Glithero as a couple entertaining their neighbour, played by Simon Brister, to dinner and the tension associated with that. Much of the humour revolved around the men’s competition to grow the biggest vegetable and speculation as to the fate which had befallen the neighbour’s missing wife.

There were a couple of sticky moments with forgotten lines but it didn’t spoil the enjoyment too

The simplistic design of the first play - just a table, three chairs and a wastepaper basked - gave way to more lavish layout for the second. A sofa, chairs, a coffee table, drinks on a tray and a plate with a biscuit on it set the scene for What’s For Pudding.

This five-hander was led by Yvonne Walker and Chris Gale, she playing an outspoken, homonally-charged wife and he get predictably dull spouse. Added to the mix were Susan Devaney and Mark Poole playing a couple of friends who wore identical jumpers and mimicked each other’s mannerisms and Martin Devaney as a catalogue-obsessed bore in a very colourful jacket.

There were definite shades of Abigail’s Party as the drink flowed in this second play, with Roxy Music replacing Demis Roussos as the soundtrack of choice.

An entertaining night of great comedy delivered by some talented performers and directed by Jane Small. Welcome back High Tor Players!