Eating out review: Lunch at Maison Mes Amis, Chesterfield

Maison Mes Amis, Chesterfield.
Maison Mes Amis, Chesterfield.

After a hectic couple weeks existing on ready meals and fast food, the idea was to find a lunch venue that would be both handy and high quality.
There were a few venues on the list of possibles, including two out of town but as it was a week day and time was precious, the third option, Maison Mes Amis on Chatsworth Road, was the obvious choice.

And what a good move that was. As soon as we walked into the pleasant bar we had to decide between eating indoors or out - and the patio area to the rear of the bar just looked too inviting.

The welcome was as warm as the weather as we were greeted and seated and orders for drinks taken promptly.

While the lunch menu was very inviting, one dish stood out for both of us and so the order for two ‘surprise sandwiches’ and French fries was quickly followed by two large plates filled with very generous portions.

I made a mental note to try to Maison Mes Amis coffee before tackling the sandwich which I enjoyed very much. The avocado, tomato and mozzarella between toasted bread with tasty salad was just perfect for a warm day. The chips were just as I like them - crispy and not too salted so I could make my own choice about seasoning.

Despite being so generous the meal was not too heavy and a delicious coffee staved off any chance of the dreaded afternoon slump.

The menu at the French themed bar and restaurant is something a bit different and I wish I’d had more time to linger - the signature dish of Croque Monsieurs for example, which was served to a table alongside us, looked mouthwatering.

The venue also boasts extra interest events such as a book club and wine tasting evenings - definitely a place to try.

Ratin out of six:
Food 5

Atmosphere 5

Service 5

Value 4

Maison Mes Amis,

19 Old Road, 

S40 2RE

tel. 01246 768789