Cool exhibition up and running at Quad

The exhibition 80º N by Gibson/Martelli is up and running at Quad Gallery in Derby city centre.

The exhibition features ideas of voyaging and Polar exploration, through immersive artworks utilizing ground-breaking technology that literally and virtually points the viewer North, beyond the 80th parallel.

In its attention to the expansive frozen lands and seas of ice, the exhibition contemplates the overwhelming might of nature, its beauty and its vulnerability.

80ºN by Gibson/Martelli will be on display until February 8 and is produced in association with Quad, supported by Arts Council England and CAFKA14 - with generous sponsorship from Christie Digital & WorldViz.

The exhibition 80ºN is part of a Season of Adventure at Quad, which will include talks, events, films and workshops. Gibson/Martelli are Quad’s 2014 Digital Fellows.