Derbyshire theatre company to present musical version of Orwell’s Animal Farm

Hasland Theatre Company rehearse for Animal Farm.
Hasland Theatre Company rehearse for Animal Farm.

Performers in north Derbyshire are preparing to launch their version of George Orwell’s epic work Animal Farm.

Hasland Theatre Company is presenting a musical version of the classic tale at the Playhouse on Storforth Lane, from November 20 to 24.

The dramatisation by Peter Hall and Adrian Mitchell remains faithful to the book in which analogies are drawn between the plight of the animals and the situation which existed in Russia under the Marxist-Lenin regime.

Director Audrey Redfern said: “As you may imagine a considerable amount of adaptation was required to create this epic on Hasland Theatre Company’s somewhat smaller facility. Various animals have been removed completely. A few hens have gone, the odd cow and sheep and the pigeons are looking decidedly worried. However, I like to think that George Orwell would look kindly on our musical version of his farmhouse fantasy.”

Performances at 7.30pm. To book, visit