New Doctor Who confuses viewers with accent - but Peak District scenery needs no explanation

New Doctor Who Jodie Whittaker may have left some people confused by her accent in Sunday night's first episode - but at least the Peak District scenery didn't let viewers down.

Many American viewers who watched her first appearance as the Time Lord were left struggling to understand her Yorkshire accent. Some even said on Twitter that they were resorting to subtitles.

But the beautiful scenery of the Peak District needed no explanation as it took a major starring role in the first show of the new series.

It's not the first time the area has been used for TV or film of course. The Peak District has featured in countless programmes and films over the years.

And it's not also the first time that Jodie Whittaker's accent has caused problems for people across the pond.

When she appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the subtitles didn't exactly go to plan.

The new Swiss Army Sonic made with Sheffield steel

The new Swiss Army Sonic made with Sheffield steel

Instead of writing Huddersfield the screen showed “Hoodezfield”, while she was explaining where she grew up.

Of course, in this day and age of social media, the screen shot was soon shared on Twitter, and has now been shared thousands of times.

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Whatever your view on the new Doctor's accent, or the scenery involved, Sunday's opener certainly proved a success - pulling in over eight million viewers and making it the BBC's biggest series launch audience in over a decade - even beating highly rated political thriller Bodyguard.