Project needs sign language help

Derby arts centre Quad is looking for trainee sign language interpreters to become part of one of the world’s largest mass participation film projects.

Derby Soap Opera is an ambitious film project being directed by the internationally-renowned Italian artist Marinella Senatore.

Quad needs volunteers to help make the Derby Soap Opera as accessible as possible for members of the deaf community. Derby Soap Opera offers a chance to gain experience working in a dynamic environment, to showcase your skills and be an important part of the team. The trainee sign language interpreters will also be part of the film and may even end up in the final cut.

The project is looking for trainee sign language interpreters with level two and three experience of British Sign Language, and those who are looking for more experience such as A-Level students and Sign Language students to help out during the actor rehearsals from May 14-18, and filming days on May 19 and from June 27 until July 1.

Interpreters will be working alongside Derby resident John McDonald, a leading advocate of the deaf community in Derby.

John has been selected as a key member of the Derby Soap Opera filming crew, and is a co-director on the final Derby Soap Opera film which will be premiered at Derby Festé in September.

If you would like to get involved, please contact Quad curator Peter Bonnell at:, 01332 285430 or contact John McDonald at: / 01332 230315.