Review: Chinese State Circus thrills at Buxton Opera House

Chinese State Circus
Chinese State Circus

The Chinese State Circus erupted onto the stage at the Buxton Opera House with furious drumming followed by the Monkey King, and the dragon lolling its huge head and circling the stage.

An exhilarating evening followed of non-stop acrobatics and dazzling gymnastics.

The fast-moving acts showcased acrobats using everyday items as their props, - parasols, cups, scarves, drums, and hats, flying from hand to foot to head and across the stage.

Tumblers dived through rings and gymnasts amazed with their strength.

A couple performed a short, graceful ballet, she on points on his shoulders, and achieving contorted poses.

The Shaolin Warriors whirled and roared then paused, motion and stasis. It was a delightful and elegant performance, Monkey King providing the continuity and some surprising audience participation.

The touring Chinese State Circus presents Chinese circus arts to European audiences. It is many centuries old and evolved from the Chinese people’s everyday life and work.