Review: Peak Performance Theatre School students shine in dance showcase

Shine! by Peak Performance Theatre School
Shine! by Peak Performance Theatre School

Energetic students got their chance to shine in a glittering showcase of ballet, jazz, tap and street dance.

Magic and sparkle lit up the stage as Peak Performance Theatre School dazzled families and friends with exquisitely crafted choreography and eye-catching costumes.

Peak Performance Theatre School in Shine! at Pomegranate Theatre, Chesterfield.

Peak Performance Theatre School in Shine! at Pomegranate Theatre, Chesterfield.

Little witches brandishing silver brooms cast their spell, scarlet-clad ballerinas en pointe danced to the devil’s beat and street-dancing ghouls were a real Thriller in the run-up to Halloween.

Tiny Tinkerbelles in sugar pink sparkly dresses brought the aah factor to a fairytale selection from Peter Pan, the highlight of which was an outstanding dance by Rebecca Adams and Caris Feeney portraying the boy from Neverland and his shadow with graceful, fluid movement. A lovely contemporary dance routine featuring girls in the guise of The Lost Boys did justice to Alice Vale’s beautifully choreographed creation.

Personality, shone through the charismatic Double Bubble Duchess from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory while Revolting Children from Matilda turned the Grade 3 modern jazz class into a bunch of unruly kids in a stand-out piece.

Thomas Hale proved a budding Billy Elliot as he took centre stage in the number Electricity while senior dancers interpreted the song behind a gauze curtain.

A sparkling start to the second half saw the senior modern jazz dancers razzle dazzle the audience with their fancy footwork and glittering costumes. They tossed top hats in the air and across the stage to each other, never missing a catch or a beat in a routine which was as tight as a drum.

Effervescent tap dancing and Seventies disco moves came either side of the more serene Night and Day, the latter featuring the combined talents of Rebecca Adams, Lizzie Bradbury and Lydia Haigh.

Shine! was the name of last night’s show at Chesterfield’s Pomegranate Theatre and the performers did just that, from the tiny dancers who melted hearts with their freedom of expression to the older groups who impressed with their controlled delivery.

Each and every one of the 60-strong troupe was a credit to choreographer and producer Jill Ferguson.

Photos courtesy of Derbyshire Photographic.