Review: Peak Youth hit the target in Bugsy Malone

Peak Youth presented their second stage show at the Pomegranate this year when Bugsy Malone was performed last week.

This fun packed show, with two rival gangs competing for territorial rights with the aid of splurge guns and foamy pies proved a “sure fire “ hit !

Taking the lead part of Bugsy was Sam Hall, strutting the stage with great confidence and being the anchor man of the show. He showed real ability and was ably assisted by the two “gang “ leaders Tom Browes and Sean Fagan taking the parts of Fat Sam and Dandy Dan.

Glamour and talent in the show came from the always reliable Darcy Thorpe as Blousey and Jess Hall as Tallulah, both singing their parts and acting with real energy and style.

More than 40 youngsters took part in the show and with more than 25 speaking parts there was ample scope for director Mike Spriggs to use many new members in the production.

Marrissa Thorpe gave a confident performance as Knuckles and both “gangs “ were well rehearsed and made the most of their rivalry. Comedy came from Georgia Ewington as the hapless Police Chief and Hannah Fagan as her sidekick.

Choreography by Kaye Gilbert was polished and slick with every member taking part in the routines.

The musical ensemble, ably led by Jon Davies, was well balanced and complemented the strong solo and chorus singing.

Well done Peak Youth, here’s to your next show.