REVIEW: Skindred deserve their success

Picture by Roy Goodall
Picture by Roy Goodall

Expecting a packed house for Welsh wonder boys Skindred I was a tad surprised to find floor space as they’re a major draw on the British rock scene.

I’m guessing the £20 plus price ticket for the gig at Chesterfield’s might have put a few off.

Still, with spirits not dampened and after a lengthy intro tape Chesterfield warmly greeted drummer Arya Goggins, Dan Pugsley and guitarist Mickey Demus, as this popular Newport crew got down to business at the town’s latest indoor venue with frontman Benji Webb strolled on and opened up with Under Attack and Rat Race.

The mouth-piece and frontman was in fine voice and as engaging as ever, with one front row punter even throwing him a bible enabling

a brief but amusing exchange, much to our amusement.

With plenty of audience banter the songs flowed on with their latest album Volume and its processor Kill The Power getting plenty of plugs, though I did feel Benji could have toned down the vulgarities somewhat.

He’s a bright spark so why not show it by communicating in a more professional manner. This is where many a singer lets their band down as all this swearing really isn’t necessary.

With the old favourites gushing out and the night almost over another new song, and I believe current single, Machine, really hit the mark, with guitarist Mickey sharing lead vocals with Benji, thus bring the main set to an end.

With the excellent Nobody and Warning bringing the night to a final close Benji promised to see us all next year as shortly they’ve a new album to promote. Not the longest of shows, but a good one, with strong support from Sheffielders Sweet Little Machine and Steal The City, two new bands to watch out for.

I’m somewhat a late converter to Skindred and yes, some parts aren’t to my taste, but taking the cake as a whole I feel they’re a great band who’ve climbed the ladder the hard way and for me any success they get now is the icing they so richly deserve.