Review: [spunge] at Nottingham Rock City

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HONESTLY, can it really be twenty years since young upstarts [spunge] commenced their journey into the wild and wacky world of music? Chart and mainstream success may have so far eluded them but Tewkesbury’s finest are still out there and with another new album to push they still feel they have more to prove.

Opener Some Suck, Jump, and Oliver’s Army, the first of three covers that the band would air at Nottingham Rock City, got this 19-song banquet underway.

Fronting a band isn’t easy, yet Alex Copeland seemed completely at ease as he spits out a multitude of words that is Idol, Ego and later in the set Kicking Pigeons but at

all times recognising the importance of the back-bone of any band; namely bassist Chris Murphy and top tub thumper Jeremy King. With an arsenal of songs to choose from, compiling a set list is obviously hard as new songs needed to be shoe-horned between fan favourites. [spunge] do this with ease and with guitarist Damon Robins, like the rest of the band, failing to put a foot wrong the crowd soaked up the riffs, smiles and adding huge backing vocals when required.

Being in a band requires spade-loads of diplomacy, tenacity and stacks of good-fortune and although [spunge] haven’t been blessed with lottery-sized contracts and bucketloads of cash they gained huge amounts of respect and are not only extremely talented, but have endless amounts of energy.

Although I felt the swearing and stage-banter unnecessary, they were more articulate than our last gathering and I had told them so minutes before they hit the Nottingham stage. It isn’t necessary.

As always [spunge] do put their heart and soul into this and yes maybe they could have played more than just over an hour but I’m guessing day jobs were calling the following morning.

With bedtime in their sights they closed shop in raucous fashion with another new song Nothing At All plus an excellent rendition of the old classic cover Centrefold which for my money ended matters perfectly.