Review: The Wildhearts at Nottingham Rock City

The Wildhearts
The Wildhearts

With many of their peers still battling away it’s always pleasurable to see The Wildhearts, a musical institution who always deliver the goods.

This year marks 20 years since the Newcastle upon Tyne band released P.H.U.Q., which at the time hit number six in the charts making it one of their most successful albums.

With the whole 13-track album played back to back we all knew what to expect as I Wanna Go Where The People Go Go set the show off in a raucous fashion at Nottingham’s Rock City.

Mainstay guitarist C.J. was looking good andplaying good as he and Ginger swapped guitar licks with ease while the tight rhythm section kept that traditional Wildheart groove, a mixture of fast and ferocious hard rock and melodic pop, firmly in rank.

Time soon flew by in this great show and, before long, said album had been aired.

Predictably The Wildhearts left us wanting more and after a crowd singalong this talented foursome came back to centre stage as Vanilla Radio, Sick Of Drugs and Suckapunch, an absolute killer of a song, helped fill the encore perfectly.

Sadly, this was only an eight day tour of the UK which, for some, may have been a frustration so if you did failed to catch them this time I’m sure Ginger and the boys will soon be back for more.