Ruth and Diane’s work on display

‘All stitched up’ is the title of the October exhibition in the Sir Richard Morris Lounge at the Derby Cathedral Centre, which runs Wednesday, October 31.

Two Derby artists, Ruth Kahn and Diane Kane, will together display a selection of their textile and collage pictures.

Both are fascinated by the local landscape but instead of depicting it in paint they choose a more complex technique which allows them to use a range of materials from their personal store of fabrics, odds and ends.

Diane said: “I am like a magpie, I throw nothing away and my rubbish is a treasure to me. Breathing life into fabrics whether old or new is wonderfully satisfying.”

Her father was in the RAF so as a child she travelled to many exotic places. She adds: “I remember wonderful colours and textures and fabrics. When I work I am reminded of my childhood, I am at my happiest cutting shapes and deciding on colours and textures that complement each other.”

A recent mixed media picture entitled Calke Abbey Secret View was selected for the Derbyshire Open Art Competition at Buxton Museum and Art Gallery in July.

Ruth, who has lived in Derbyshire all her life, said: “I am fortunate that we have the beautiful Peak District landscape all around us. Each piece of work is inspired by those surroundings and starts life as a photograph or a glimpse of colour in my mind as I travel around.”

She added: “I am a passionate collector of fabric and threads, each picture is layer upon layer of fabric and stitch, building up to the finished picture.”

Together they will make a distinctive and unusual contribution to the programme of exhibitions which continues throughout the year.

The exhibition is open, Monday-Saturday, from 9am-5pm until the end of the month.