Tasty film is in store at Tansley event

Tuesday, February 3, is the date for the latest Tansley Film screening.

The Lunchbox (PG)can be seen in Tansley Village Hall.

The Lunchbox is a romantic film directed by Rilesh Batra and starring Nimrat Kaur and Irfan Khan.

It is a “charmer of a film; a wry and gentle comic Mumbai-set drama.” (The Independent).

Saajan (Irfan Khan) is a lonely accountant who is about to retire.

Ila (Nimrat Kaur) is a young wife seeking her husband’s attention yet again.

This time she tries to cook her way to her husband’s heart.

She prepares a special lunchbox.

The famous lunchbox system in Mumbai, known as “dabbawala”, mistakenly sends it to Saajan and not to Ila’s husband.

This error, establishes a connection between a lonely, widowed office worker, and a neglected wife, who begin to send each other notes expressing their yearnings.

At its screening in Cannes last year, the film won much praise and was awarded the Critics Viewers Choice award in 2013.

The Observer describes The Lunchbox as “perfectly handled and beautifully acted...an enormously warm and subtle film.”

The screening of the film starts at 7.30pm in Tansley Village Hall.

Refreshments are available from 7pm. No membership is required.

The cinema has comfortable, upholstered seats, high definition projection on a 3.5 metre screen and clear, rich sound.

Tickets to see The Lunchbook cost £4.

Please book in advance to avoid disappointment - email tansleyfilm@googlemail.com or phone 01629 584243/07748 545287.