Tribute band Mused are the real deal

Mused. Photo by Lissywitch Photography.
Mused. Photo by Lissywitch Photography.

Tribute band Mused are renowned for excelling at recreating an authentic Muse concert experience.

With Muse now rarely performing at anything smaller than arena capacity, the tribute musicians offer the opportunity to get up close to the action.

Mused will play at The Flowerpot, Derby, on Friday, October 6, where they wil be playing the hits exactly like the studio recordings. They will also perform all the extra bits including the jam parts in between songs just as Muse do when performing live.

From the moment the show opens to the encore you will believe you are listening to, and watching Muse themselves! The band’s set list compiles songs from across all Muse’s studio albums, from Showbiz to Drones.

Admission £10, available from The Flowerpot or visit