Vivaldi concertos on bill at Buxton Festival

A programme of Vivaldi concertos will be aired by Buxton Festival favourites La Serenissima.

The concert at the town’s Opera House on July 22 features the most popular piece of classical music of all time, The Four Seasons. This will use a new edition made by violinist Adrian Chandler from a manuscript in the hand of Vivaldi’s father, Giovanni Battista, housed in the Henry Watson Music Library, Manchester.

La Serenissima will also perform, for the first time since the 18th century, two concertos for ‘prepared violin’, the violin in tromba marina, having recreated this curious and loud instrument from evidence in the archives of the Ospedale della Pietà.

This unique concert will open your eyes and ears to a new world of Vivaldi, a true Renaissance man at the forefront of baroque innovation.

Randall Shannon, the festival’s executive director, commented: “ La Serenissima are highly regarded Vivaldi specialists and this will be a fascinating and important performance.”

Tickets are priced from £15 to £35 and under 30s have the chance to see the performance for just £5. (proof of age to be provided).

For further details and to book tickets visit or call the Opera House on 01298 72190.