Whitesnake co-founder Bernie Marsden is Ready An’ Willing to talk ahead of show in Chesterfield

Bernie Marsden.
Bernie Marsden.

Bernie Marsden the legendary guitarist and co-founder of Whitesnake is coming to Real Time Live in Chesterfield with his band this Thursday, September 12.

The focus of the show will be the classic Whitesnake album Ready An’ Willing (originally released in 1980) played in its entirety along with some other gems from Bernie’s career.

The Derbyshire Times caught up with Bernie Marsden ahead of this show.

Have you ever played in Chesterfield before?

I’m pretty sure I played in Chesterfield but can’t remember where. How did I know about the spire?

What song or songs are you most proud of writing?

I suppose I’m proud of everything really, songwriting is not easy, it’s especially pleasing when other artists cover your material, Joe Bonamassa for instance.

What song do you wish you had written?

There are so many . . . Lonely Day by Bill Withers.

What advice would you give to any musicians starting out with the industry the way it is today?

Advice is relative, sometimes it’s easier to advise someone to stay as a fun player, some take advice, most do not!

I was given good advice as a beginner, “play from the heart, practise, and make sure you look after that guitar”. I still do all three.

How has the music industry changed during your career? What are your thoughts on the industry as it is now?

There has been so many changes over the years. It is a lot harder for young musicians and bands coming through the ranks now, I am glad that I made it when I did.

As someone who likes to look forward will the songs played at the gig have fresh arrangements?

Playing the Whitesnake songs always gives me and the audience great pleasure, so I try to stay pretty close to the original arrangements, this time out I’ve added female backing singers, that will give the songs a new angle, Neville McDonald is the perfect lead vocalist for the songs. He’s a remarkable singer.

If you could put a band together for a one-off gig featuring any living or dead musicians who would you have in the line-up with you?

It would have to be a big group! I have been fortunate to play with fantastic musicians over the years, Jon Lord would be there, I have played with the late Jeff Healy and Jack Bruce, drummers Ian Paice, Cozy Powell, in the last few days I had Joe Bonamassa and Reese Wynans in my band, that’s a good start, Robert Plant.

l Tickets for this concert are selling fast, for tickets and more information about the show visit www.realtimelive.co.uk.