Laura’s work is proving a hit

A FLOWING series of woven sculptures created for the Chatsworth Kitchen Garden are already weaving a spell on visitors.

Award-winning artist Laura Ellen Bacon, from Darley Dale, was commissioned by the Duke of Devonshire to create the piece to help encourage visitors explore this part of the 105-acre garden.

Crafted using willow from Somerset and bamboo from the Chatsworth estate, Laura has created an impressive four-metre tall archway, accompanied by three smaller woven forms which all lean with the slope of the Kitchen Garden. It has taken three months to create these pieces, entitled Forms of Growth, with Laura spending many hours painstakingly weaving the materials.

Laura said: “I have designed the forms to appear as if ‘growing’ towards the garden. Each form has a powerfully organic feeling and visitors have been thrilled by the various forms and their ‘natural’ presence. Each form is evidently man-made, but carries a curious notion that it might just have grown by itself.”

The Duke of Devonshire said: “Everyone at Chatsworth is extremely grateful to Laura for completing this beautiful suite of pieces so quickly. She has been delightful to work with, and I am sure that Forms of Growth will become a very popular destination for visitors to the garden.”