Making a meal of charity support

Streetsmart: Matt Bigland, Niki Baker, Gian Bohan in the Archer Project garden.
Streetsmart: Matt Bigland, Niki Baker, Gian Bohan in the Archer Project garden.

Three leading city restaurant groups are joining forces to make life easier for the homeless people of Sheffield.

Nonna’s, The Milestone and Brew Kitchen (which includes Thornbridge brewery and Richard Smith’s restaurants) are the first to answer a call from Eat Sheffield to back the annual Street-smart campaign.

During November and December they will add an optional £1 to every bill and the proceeds will be donated to homeless charities in Sheffield.

Matt Bigland from the Milestone, Niki Baker from Eat Sheffield and Gian Bohan from Nonna’s met at the Cathedral Archer Project this week to announce their participation and call on other restaurants to join in.

Simon Webster of Thornbridge said: “This is a simple way to make a huge difference to local people. It is simple for the restaurant, it is easy for the diners and the benefits are enormous for the homeless people we will be supporting. If you run a restaurant in Sheffield, please get involved.”

Gian said: “Nonna’s have supported Streetsmart for the last few years and we’ve always found customers very supportive, even in difficult times”.

Any restaurant wishing to take part can register online at

Money raised will be shared among various charities that support homeless people in Sheffield.

Tracy Viner from the Cathedral Archer Project is working with Eat Sheffield to promote the campaign and is liaising with the Streetsmart organisation – which has the backing of celebrities including Stephen Fry and Gordon Ramsay.

Lesley Draper