Band that wants a world in your ear

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There are many reasons why The Educatables were not long crowned Derbyshire Times Band of the Year

But one of the clearest is their discovery of a fresh new sound and their willingness to embrace new influences.

The Derbyshire trio’s latest EP Staring At The Ceiling will come as a delightful shock to anyone who hasn’t heard them for a while.

The band’s Ricky Barson explained: “I started listening to world music and reggae and just took the melodies and out- of-sync-sounding drum beats from it when I write any songs.”

That comes bursting through on the opening track Adlib Hero, with tripping percussion, African beats and sunny guitar parts as warm as the savannah.

Little One showcases the band’s fine light in lovely vocal harmonies, while 48 Hours takes another upbeat track that would be straight forward indie fodder in the hands of say the Kooks and adds a counterpointed undercurrent that takes it to another level. It is the sound of a band spreading its wings and taking to the sky.

The last of the four songs, the EP’s title track, brings more African rhythms to a happy guitar lick that will have you heading for the dancefloor.

But at its centre is a yearning and unexpected melancholy which is tenderly moving.

Disarmingly charming, these are simple pop songs that will draw you back time and time again.

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