Bands galore at the Victoria Inn

The Victoria Inn in Derby is the setting on Friday, May 24, for a gig by The Vibrators, Apocalypse Babies and The Atoms.

Then, on Saturday, May 25, there will be a Stone Roses v Oasis tribute night, featuring performances by Definitely Mightbe and Adored.

There’s a Spring Bank Holiday All-Dayer on Monday, May 27, courtesy of Ike Productions.

Performing will be Skies In Motion, A World Defined, Memories, No Honour, The Repent, Adelphia, The Winter Hill Syndicate, The Spangle Corps and The Waves Above Us.

Finally, on Wednesday, May 29, there’s a chance to see The Idle, GTR and Filthy Kicks at the Midland Place-based venue.

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