Bands galore to play Twenty Ten

MATLOCK’s Twenty Ten venue welcomes Origin on Friday, March 11, for an evening of rock covers, from 9pm.

Then, on Saturday, March 12, Two Fifty Calibers are at the Dale Road venue. Last year, they were involved in a massively successful sellout gig in Derby, as support for Gomez.

Born in a gritty fusion of rock and blues influence back in late 2009, Two Fifty Calibers serve up an incendiary sound laced with echoes of the music they love. It’s a super-charged orgy of QOTSA, Black Sabbath and Peter Green.

Puncturing through Michael McMaster’s dirty bass rhythms, there’s an unapologetic trace of metal, the snarl of Tom Morello’s guitar or the punch of Geezer Butler’s bass. You catch it for a moment before you’re ripped away on a tidal wave of rock riffs, more akin to Led Zep through the beats of Joe Cooper.

This weekend, they will be supported by two acts. Up first, at around 8.30pm, is John Tansley, followed by Olio Strutt, taking to the stage with their full band.