Blues boys back in business

Idle hands
Idle hands

BLUES boys The Idle Hands prove they’re back in business and at the top of their game with the release of their latest album.

Ready for Business hits top gear from the very first note, as Drive showcases both Dave Robinson’s tasty guitar licks and Phil Allen’s versatile vocals.

Weep and Moan lets Jamie Burns’ driving bass come to the fore, with some sublime slide-guitar riffs, while I Get The Blame is playful and inventive.

And it’s hard to keep up with the band on Keepin’ Up With The Jones’, as they deliver another fast and furious pile-driver.

There are echoes of Hendrix and Led Zep throughout these songs, but the Idle Hands are not satisfied with resting on their considerable blues rockin’ laurels.

Dave Robinson shows he’s just as jaw-droppingly impressive on the acoustic as he is with the amps cranked to 11.

While Lay My Burden Down has the authentic, spiritual feel of an age-old Mississippi Delta classic.

Whatever they turn their hand to, they deliver completely - with a love of the music matched only by their talent for drawing it out.

And as anyone who has caught their live shows will know, the band is tighter than a fat stripper’s g-string.

There are 16 tracks on the album, each delivering a little musical cameo that builds into a truly impressive record,

The the music industry went about its business with the same kind integrity and passion, the Idle Hands would be household names.

In the mean time, check out this record; it’s the business.