Bowie tribute act and blues ace at Flowerpot

There will be a tribute to the music of David Bowie when Jean Genie return to The Flowerpot in Derby for a gig there on Friday, June 14.

Jean Genie formed in 1993 following the discovery of the David Bowie look and soundalike artiste John Mainwaring.

The band very soon became known for their flamboyant stage show and acquired many impressive claims to fame.

Jean Genie were one of the first tribute bands to play alongside the original Spiders from Mars at the Mick Ronson Memorial Concert’s after-show party, when they played before stars Joe Elliott (Def Leppard), Roger Daltrey (The Who), Roger Taylor (Queen) and many others.

Jean Genie have headlined the David Bowie Fan Club Convention for two years. They have played their energetic 70s and 80s show complete with multicolored costume changes and dazzling effects to crowds at celebratory gatherings such as the Hastings Music Festival and have brought pleasure to fans when on many Irish tours including performances at the prestigious Olympia Theatre.

Jean Genie are well known for being perfectionists, to the point where news of their popularity has now reached David Bowie himself.

Songs performed in the shows include the classics ‘Heroes’, Let’s Dance, Life On Mars, Rebel Rebel, The Jean Genie, Under Pressure, Ashes To Ashes and many others.

Then, on Saturday, June 15, the King Street venue plays host to the man once described as ‘an exploding ball of heavy blues energy’, Larry Miller.

The Larry Miller Band is fronted by one of this country’s leading guitarists and most entertaining performers.

With his energetic and eclectic style, Larry brings a new dimension of showmanship to his performances.

After picking up his brother’s guitar and writing his first song the very same day, he felt his future lay in rock music.

To begin with, Larry decided to concentrate on blues rock: “For me, my moment of inspiration was seeing Rory Gallagher live. I had never experienced anything like it. So loud, so gloriously on the edge of total mayhem, yet Rory was still totally in control. How could I NOT do this too!

“Like Rory I’d work under my own name, with my own band. I’d do all the writing, singing, producing, playing and leading.”

Very quickly, Larry found his own style, and has been constantly refining it. Having released his new album Unfinished Business, Larry is optimistic about the future: “I am beginning to move away from pure blues rock into a heavier rock style, and the new album reflects this move. It’s a really exciting album!”

Doors open at 8pm for both of these gigs.

Admission is £10 to see Jean Genie and £12 for the Larry Miller Band. Call 01332 834438 for details.