Bumper crop of bands at Vic Inn

Another busy week of musical entertainment at The Victoria Inn in Derby kicks off on Friday, March 22, with the visit of Micro Jupiter, Daniel Dobbs, Charlie Pidcock, Amy Key, Careen and Dylan Richards.

Then, on Saturday, March 23, there’s a visit by Menace Beach and Department M, followed by a Sausage and Folk Night on Sunday, March 24.

The latest acoustic session is to be held at the Midland Place-based venue on Monday, March 25, and then there’s the chance to see I Set West and Okapi on Tuesday, March 26.

Archaic, Bayn and Enormity Falls are the guests on Wednesday, March 27, before Wraith, Doomsday Outlaw and Mobiuz put in an appearance on Thursday, March 28.

For more about these and future gigs at the venue, you can go to www.thevictoriainnderby.co.uk