Celtic quartet play Uppertown

The charismatic and dynamic Irish band, Murphy’s Marbles, will be performing at Uppertown Social Centre, near Ashover, on Saturday, March 3.

Their music is Celtic-based, a mixture of traditional and contemporary with a cutting edge, including an impressive portfolio of their own material. The Marbles comprise four musicians who play guitars, fiddle, whistle, flute, bass, mandolin, bodhran (or to most of us, a small Irish drum) and harmonica.

Big Kev Sauntry is the lead singer, songwriter, guitarist, mandolin player, bodhran player and front-man of the band. Alan White is a highly respected guitarist’s guitarist. His percussive style is well-suited to the style the Marbles have made their own.

Dave Camrass, is the fiddle virtuoso of the Marbles. He can switch from trad Irish, to trad jazz at the flick of his wrist. His speed and riffs take on a life of their own and he is a creative exponent of the instrument he loves.

Dec Brennan is another Celtic import. He gives the band an excellent foundation on bass, is a fine traditional whistle player and provides an authentic traditional feel with his speed and accuracy.

Tickets are £11 including supper. Contact Eddie on 01246 590502 or 07966 154798