Choir issues call for new singers

Boys and girls are being sought for Derby Cathedral’s choir and auditions will be held next month.

Boys (aged seven) and girls (aged 10-12) will be recruited to ensure that the high standards of musical excellence is maintained throughout what promises to be a busy and eventful year at the Cathedral. The auditions are on March 18.

Choristers play a huge part in the day-to-day services at the Cathedral. They also sing in other prestigious buildings around the country. Last year, they sang incathedrals in Northern Ireland and St Paul’s Cathedral in London.

The choir has made recordings and featured on BBC radio and television in the past 12 months and, during 2012, they will be touring Cambridge, Durham and Scotland.

At various times in the year, they will offer performances of Handel’s Coronation Anthems, Bach’s St John Passion and Handel’s Messiah in Derby Cathedral, all with professional orchestras and soloists.

Peter Gould, Master of the Music, said: “As boy’s voices change and 18-year-old girls go off to university, replacements have to be found! This is something that keeps Derby Cathedral Choir fresh, youthful and enthusiastic.”

He added: “Many people can have little idea of how fruitful membership of the choir can be for life. Not only do the choristers receive excellent musical training, they also have the chance to perform to the highest standards of professionalism several times a week, learning the most diverse and interesting repertoire.”

Prospective choristers should come to the cathedral on March 4 (for boys aged seven) and March 11 (for girls aged 10-12) at 5.40pm to see the choir in action at a sort of Open Day.

Auditions will follow the following Sunday for admission to the choir after Easter.