Come and see Mick and co

Guy Rogers.
Guy Rogers.

Country and bluegrass head the agenda for the appearance of top performers Mick Smith and his new band Phantom Horse, at Uppertown Social Centre, near Ashover, on Saturday, April 21.

In 2011 Guy Rogers, a virtuoso banjo player, was looking for a group of musicians to form a new style bluegrass band. He and Mick Smith (guitar and mandolin) had played a few gigs before and knew that they shared a common love of entertaining, so the core of the band was taking shape.

They then started looking around for a fiddle player and soon chanced on the classically trained David Gray, who added a further dimension to the group. All they needed now was a bass player. These were hard to come by in 2011 but chance had it that David O’Neil was looking to extend his playing to include bluegrass music.

One practice and all involved knew that something special had been created. With their varying styles of music, each member added something new to the band. Soon the repertoire developed and began to include other musical styles such as country, blues, folk, jazz, pop and rockabilly. At last the Phantom Horse was up and galloping.

Their new show will take you on an adventure in time and will include some recent self-penned songs.

So, if you would like to be there, tickets are £11 including supper, contact Eddie on 01246 590502 or 07966 154798.