Debut single signals all-out ATTACK!!


Chesterfield trio TheDismissiveATTACK!! have signalled an all-out assault for success with the release of their first single.

The track, Mascots, being issued through Animal Farm Records is released on May 13 and available through iTunes and Spotify.

The band signed a contract last month for the release of three singles with the label this year.

And to launch Mascots, the band are playing a special show at The Grouse, in Brampton, Chesterfield, on Saturday, May 11.

Frontman Rich Blackwell said: “It would be great if we could get the town behind us and raise our profile in the town as we’re flying Chesterfield’s flag in London and our home town support would mean the world to us.”

Mascots itself is an angular driving indie rock track which nods at an eclectic range of influences from Bloc Party to early Lost Prophets.

Rich Blackwell’s vocals have never sounded stronger and it makes a promising opening salvo as part of the band’s all-out assault on musical success.

The track is already available to pre-order now on iTunes before the official release date.

For more on the band visit their website www,