Derby warm-up gig for Cable

Cable, the Derby-based guitar-manglers forced into retirement in 1999 have miraculously been forced out of retirement to play three sold-out shows in the UK, supporting post-hardcore band Hundred Reasons.

The band released three albums on infectious records in the late 90s, recorded four sessions for John Peel, secured themselves soft-drinks-for-life thanks to a song called Freeze the Atlantic but have not been around for a while.

In June this year, they announced a reunion, and also the reissue of their back-catalogue on iTunes.

At the start of the month, the band finally met for the first time in 12 years at their old rehearsal space. As a warm up for the tour, Cable will play a one-off headline show in Derby, at The Venue on Wednesday, November 21. 
Cable said: “We’re really excited, especially Darius who hasn’t even seen a guitar this century let alone played one.

“It might seem just slightly weird to reform after 12 years but it’s sort of been on the cards for a while, it’s just never been the right time.

“We’d always planned on doing a tour of empty venues as bitter old men one day, so to find ourselves on the bill at three sell-out shows is a bit of a surprise, I gotta admit.

“It’s all very cool, things are falling into place super fast, our first rehearsal was as deafening and beautifully atonal as I’d hoped, and we’ve picked an awesome mix of songs, so anyone coming to see us either with Hundred Reasons or at our headline show in Derby, is in for something pretty good.”

The Venue is based on Abbey Street, Derby, the age limit for the gig is 18-plus and doors open at 7.30pm. Tickets are £10 in advance from