Derbyshire calling for Irish outfit

The Plea
The Plea

If you believe them, Irish outfit The Plea ended up with Matlock Bath on their national tour schedule because it called out to them in a dream.

There’s not a long history of scheduling shows based on night-time epiphanies, but the wise-cracking quintet can’t wait to play the town’s Fishpond venue.

“We’ve never been there before, but we’re looking forward to playing the gig and maybe taking a trip to the Heights of Abraham,” said guitarist Dermot Doherty

The band, who have drawn comparisons with The Verve and fellow countrymen U2, have expanded both their sound and line up recently.

“We play everything live, we don’t use any backing tracks, which gives us the room to extend tunes and go in any direction.

“Also, we’ve just added a new guitarist lately who is impressive to watch and that’s really opened up the live sound, so it should be a great night,” Dermot added

The band have been pushing the envelope with their live dates, gigging further afield, but say they’ve found little difference from shows back home in Ireland - with one exception.

“We like to gig in as many places as we can, it;s all about playing live - so it’s great to get to play places like Matlock..but the obvious exception would be the Guinness!”

The Plea join forces with The Fuse to play Matlock Bath’s Fishpond on Thursday, February 21.