Derbyshire legends in QUAD exhibition

An exhibition now at QUAD in Derby has been inspired by Derbyshire’s history, myths and legends.

Artist and filmmaker Noriko Okaku’s newly commissioned work, entitled The Interpreter, has been produced during a three-month residency at QUAD.

The Interpreter is a series of 22 collage works that are modelled on characters from the Tarot set, which are loaded with symbolism, intrigue and mystical imagery referencing Derbyshire’s history, myths and legends. The images are also presented as an animation, bringing the narrative to life.

Okaku was selected for the QUAD residency after a nationwide call out; and she began by researching the history of the region and its rich mythology and folk tales. She has linked these with the Tarot, playing cards used since the 18th century by mystics to gain insights into the past, present and future.

The exhibition can be seen at QUAD until January 24.