Easter weekend’s Skintfest in Chesterfield attracts more than 700 music fans

Skintfest at DCAS, Chesterfield. Pictured are 'Astroid Boys'.
Skintfest at DCAS, Chesterfield. Pictured are 'Astroid Boys'.

Festival bands played their hearts out to entertain nearly 800 music lovers over the Easter weekend.

Ollie Horner, co-organiser with Sam Hague of the three-day Skintfest, said: “The festival went really well. Every single person who came and spoke to the team said that they’d really enjoyed themselves and that’s the main thing we try to achieve.”

The festival in Chesterfield drew bands and fans from all over the country and beyond. Chamber of Malice and Brawl Between Enemies travelled from Germany and one music lover made the journey from Canada.

Ollie said: “For me, the highlight had to be Scumfam. I’ve watched a lot of their videos online but never had the opportunity to see them before. This was their first gig in over a year so I really enjoyed watching those guys.

“Every band scheduled to perform did apart from my own band, Casket; our singer had flu so we couldn’t perform.”

Skintfest attracted 30 bands at daytime sessions in the Donut Creative Arts Studio, Chesterfield, on Good Friday, Saturday and Easter Sunday and after-show gigs at Real Time Live in the town.

Ollie added: “The festival has never been about money for us, we try our best to break even each year but we do normally have to dive into our own pockets and this year was the same.”