Gigs galore at The Victoria

The Victoria Inn in Derby hosts a 35th anniversary tour gig by UK Subs on Friday, December 7, with support on the night from The Enemy and The Reverends.

Then, on Saturday, December 8, Bury The Ladybird, Vicious Liberty, The Velvetines and Bring Armour perform at the Midland Place-based venue.

On Sunday, December 9, you can see Harriet, State Of Mind, James Dalby and Georgina Robinson and Rhys Andrew.

The venue welcomes Deny The Lie, 5 Days Of November and Red Sky Legion through its doors on Monday, December 10, followed by a visit from The Street Lights and Flying Kangaroo Alliance on Wednesday, December 12.

Finally, there’s The Darlingtons in concert on Thursday, December 13.

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