Guitar star Reed to play at Silk Mill Museum

Preston Reed
Preston Reed

A concert by talented guitarist Preston Reed will take place at The Silk Mill Museum, Silk Mill Lane, Derby on Saturday, September 13, from 8pm.

The performance has found a new venue and date following the fire in the car park at Derby’s Assembly Rooms earlier this year.

To watch Preston Reed perform is to witness the bending of reality. The New York master tweaks the nose of musical convention, pokes the eye of received wisdom and burns the rulebook of the past. Using the two-handed integrated percussive acoustic technique he pioneered in 1987, he fuses chord-based grooves, soaring melodic runs and polyrhythmic percussion that integrate the breathtaking potential of the guitar body.

27 years after his idiosyncratic style was born, Reed’s seismic global impact has created a sea of guitarists playing in his style.

He is cited as a major influence by Andy McKee and Jon Gomm to name just two. Today at the height of his game, Reed’s recordings and live performances still define the sound of the pioneering compositional guitar genre he invented over a quarter century ago.

Ticket details for Preston Reed’s performance, now at the Silk Mill Museum on September 13, are available on