Instrumental ace is California dreamin’

Harmonic Pathway
Harmonic Pathway

Derbyshire keyboard ace Phil Wilcock’s love affair with West Coast Americana is well documented.

Heavily influenced by Beach Boys maestro Brian Wilson, he gets through albums like Liz Taylor got through hubbies, with a back catalogue that passed double figures some time ago.

His latest offering, Harmonic Pathways continues his fascination with all things Californian and is a musical odyssey along the Pacific Coastal Highway.

It’s a record of blissed-out 
instrumentals, as laid back as the Californian way of life itself.

Tracks like Western Breezes and Canyon Sunrise are as spacey and wide open as the Orange County skyline.

It is the perfect come-down record, a meditation of sounds as mind-expanding at Haight-Ashbury in the summer of 69.

Not that this is a hippy trip, by any means.

It has a melodic sophistication and the use of ethereal vocal samples lends some tracks a spiritual, almost prayer-like quality.

Phil explained: “It’s inspired by my Beach Boys connections, basically it’s a musical journey of all my inspirations after a trip I took over there.

“It was like a dream when I got back, I kept thinking ‘did that really happen’, it was so hard to put into words.”

And so he put it into music instead, creating this album.

If you’re looking for a different sonic direction, follow Brian and Phil and walk the Harmonic Pathway...