Join Josh for his Bodega gig


Acclaimed multi-award winning acoustic troubadour Josh Pyke returns to the UK this autumn to promote his latest record The Beginning And The End Of Everything, his fourth Top 10 Album in his native Australia.

He will be bringing his tour to The Bodega in Nottingham on Tuesday, November 4.

The - as yet little known in the UK - Sydney-born Pyke is one of Australia’s most acclaimed current solo artists. Pyke has ventured to the UK before to tour with Emma Pollock (of the Delgado’s) and his long-time friend and writing buddy Passenger, the multi-million selling artist behind 2012’s Let Her Go.

The uplifting acoustic belter that is the UK single release Leeward Side is an allegory for moving on from a past relationship in a positive way.

Inspired by the heart of the song, director Beatrice Pegard Ferry took Leeward Side’s story of adventure, exploration, finding and losing yourself, and wove it into a new narrative depicting the continuous loop that is; evolution. Whilst also managing to throw Josh into a wolf suit in the process, the video was shot 100 per cent sustainably using recycled materials.

Josh Pyke returns to the UK supported by Pylo, one of the new breed of young British bands unafraid of soaring melodies, heartfelt vocals, heart on the sleeve emotions and making the kind of joyful racket that fits the bill everywhere from the smallest club to the biggest festival.

Josh Pyke has become one of Australia’s most beloved and recognisable singer songwriters thanks to his ability to craft intelligent pop music with uniquely Australian influences and experiences, so this is an intimate opportunity to catch Josh Pyke solo in acoustic.

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