Killer tunes for fans to enjoy at Flowerpot

Who's Next
Who's Next

The Fillers will return to The Flowerpot in Derby on Friday, May 16, with their tribute to The Killers.

An act that has has been hailed as a stunning tribute to The Killers, The Fillers will play all the hits from the American band’s illustrious back catalogue, as well as tracks from Killers’ frontman Brandon Flowers’s album Flamingo.

The Fillers were formed in late 2006 in the era of Sam’s Town, around the small town of Bury St.Edmunds (Suffolk’s very own Las Vegas).

The Fillers bill themselves as the world’s premier tribute to The Killers.

Based in a country where The Killers came to fruition, The Fillers capture the sound, look and feel of the Vegas quartet performing tracks from Hot Fuss, Sam’s Town, Sawdust and Day & Age.

The band have received the ultimate in recognition when they were given a glowing review by Ronnie Vannucci Jr of The Killers, who also joined The Fillers on drums for a guest spot and subsequently treated The Fillers to an all-access experience at The Killers Radio 1 showcase at The Royal Albert Hall.

Playing as far afield as the Dominican Republic filling in for The Killers, the band have played to audiences of up to 30,000 people on stages the have held the real thing and continue to expand as The Killers establish themselves as one of the world’s biggest bands.

Then, on Saturday, May 17, the tribute baton is based to Who’s Next, who will be putting in an eagerly-awaited performance at the King Street venue.

Who’s Next are a leading UK live tribute to The Who.

They capture a magical point in time when many believe that The Who were the greatest rock and roll band on earth.

Who’s Next’s live show aims to recreate this period in the early 1970s with the aid of authentic stage wear and instruments.

The result is a time capsule ride back to the days of Live at Leeds, The Isle of Wight Festival, Tanglewood and the Fillmore shows. It is a must for any Who fan.

Their set includes all of Pete Townshend and co’s classic pop songs, from adrenaline-fuelled Mod classics such as I Can’t Explain, Substitute and Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere to the psychedelic imagery of Tommy’s Pinball Wizard, Sparks and Amazing Journey, not forgetting rock anthems like My Generation, Baba O’Riley and a show-stopping version of Won’t Get Fooled Again.

Doors open at 8pm for both gigs.

Admission is £10 for The Fillers and £9 for Who’s Next.

Advance tickets are available from The Flowerpot and RAW Promotions. You can also get them online at