Manchester magic at Vic

THERE’S an Oasis v. Stone Roses tribute night event to kick off the week’s entertainment at The Victoria Inn in Derby on Friday, December 16.

It features performances by Definitely Mightbe and Adored, plus a This Is How It Feels club night, featuring DJs Micky Sheehan and Brett James with a range of Madchester, baggy, Britpop, mod and 60s anthems.

There’s a NAPA Live Lounge Reunion featuring The Tricks on Saturday, December 17, and then Blythe Curse, Nekropolitik and Crucial Domination perform at the Midland Place venue on Monday, December 18.

Georgina Robinson, Crooked Tongues and Default play The Victoria Inn on Tuesday, December 19, followed by Moccasins on Wednesday, December 20, and Armed For A Crisis, A World Defined, Drive Now Dance Later and Lower The Anchor on Thursday, December 21.

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