Nothing square about this event

September 30 will see the launch of a major new annual music event for Derby.

Square Mile Festival will be a one-day multi-venue event aimed at bringing a large number of significant music acts into the city.

It will involve between 8-10 venues during the day, all based in the city centre and will aim to give gig goers an unprecedented opportunity to wander from venue to venue and pick and choose from a fantastic array of artists.

The full list of venues will be announced in weeks to come, but it has already been confirmed that the likes of the Darwin Suite, the Guildhall and The Venue will be involved.

The festival will also offer smaller run up events throughout the month and events for young people and Derby’s younger artists. It will be a private/public partnership, with investment from local business people Martin Ridgeway and Deborah Fern, matched with vital support provided by Derby Live.

More announcements will be made in the weeks to come as to the venues involved and the acts who are to appear, but the message at the moment is keep the date free in your diaries as organisers feel this could be a good one.