performer to make his mark with new show

Mark Gwynne Jones''Photo by Phil Richards
Mark Gwynne Jones''Photo by Phil Richards

Matlock performer Mark Gwynne Jones presents his latest, eagerly-awaited show Woodworms!, at the Buxton Festival Fringe this week.

He can be seen in action at the town’s Pavilion Arts Centre when he performs there on July 18, 23 and 24.

The show launches a new collection of poetry for young readers, Wordworms!, which features illustrations by Helen Brownsword.

The collection centres on how the words we think and speak are alive, how they shape the way we feel and of the magic and possibilites words possess.

In a family show of wild imaginings, award-winning poet and performer Mark Gwynne Jones invites you to meet the boy with the eye on his index finger, learn to escape school by becoming a cat and make friends with a giant toad.

His show at this year’s Buxton Festival Fringe will introduce you to some extraordinary characters and lead you to a place where words are alive and the impossible is possible.

Mark Gwynne Jones explained: “Young people respond well to live poetry. They enjoy its energy, playful irreverence and sense of danger.

“It comes down to the pictures and the pictures tell the story. I think we’re hardwired for narrative, everyone loves a good story!”

When asked about the title, Mark added: “Words are alive… they’re Wordworms! Living creatures... They’ve always had wings but now they fly faster than ever, can travel the world in an instance and will sometimes change the way you think and feel. They can be your best friend and your worst enemy. !”

For tickets visit or call (between noon-3pm) on 020 8144 0070.