Presentations for choristers

Choristers from churches affiliated to the Royal School of Church Music who have been successful in their examinations will receive their awards at a special service in Derby Cathedral on Thursday,November 29 (6.30pm).

The Bishop of Derby, Dr Alastair Redfern, will be presenting awards to Imogen McMorrow (All Saints Cathedral Derby), Callum Brown, Daniel Evans (St Oswald, Ashbourne), Libby Hadfield (St James, Barlborough).

The Dean of Derby, Dr John Davies, will be presenting awards to Amy Larcombe, Emma Mulvany, Thomas Damri (All Saints Cathedral Derby), Elizabeth Grieve, Rosemary Hall (St Peter & St Paul, Old Brampton), Ellie May Astbury, Alistair Barbour (St Oswald, Ashbourne), Nayana Punoose, Rachel Short (St James, Barlborough).

Master of the Music at Derby Cathedral, Canon Peter Gould, said: “These examinations are quite testing and demand a lot of preparation from the junior choristers.

“It is a 30-minute exam during which they sing a hymn, psalm and prepared anthem, there is sight reading and aural tests too and they have to answer searching questions on repertoire and knowledge of Christian seasons and aspects of the Bible.”

He added: “They will be presented with a ribbon and badge that they can wear over their choir robes from either the Bishop or the Dean. I am very pleased to see that the efforts of the choir trainers and the choristers themselves can be rewarded in this way.”