Pure fun and enjoyment with tribute band Poizon

Poizon playing at The Fishpond'Photo by Roy Goodall
Poizon playing at The Fishpond'Photo by Roy Goodall

Entertainment is a funny old game.

You can bat away in your own gang for years and not make any real strides.

Put on a wig and dress up like your idols and things can dramatically change.

Such is the case with Derbyshire tribute tribe Poizon.

Paying homage to the glamsters from America this talented foursome really did the business when it comes to value and putting on a real show.

Opening predictably with Look What The Cat Dragged In, they were soon on a roll with I Want Action and a relatively unknown track Back To The Rockin’ Horse.

With more smoke than Bonfire Night, they ploughed on with two of my favourite tracks, Cry Tough and Fallen Angel, with the large crowd seeming to agree with me as they all cheered for more.

It’s also fair to say that the band was absolutely revelling in the whole aspect of performing these tracks.

Yes, they all have other bands and day jobs, but this was pure fun and enjoyment, even for a cynic like me who doesn’t go a bundle on the whole tribute game.

As the night drew to a close, we had the Kiss classic Rock ‘n’ Roll All Night, which was a surprise, as was the end of show dancing girls who took to the stage for Unskinny Bop.

And yes, the sound wasn’t brilliant and we did have the odd feedback.

But when everyone’s smiling, laughing and actually having Nothin’ But A Good Time, which brought the proceedings to a close, does anyone really care?