Record deal for Lucille


Local band Lucille are celebrating after signing a deal with Derby-based independent label Hoodwink Recordings to release their debut record.

Heavily inspired by early rhythm and blues music, and after a year of heavy touring, work has begun on Lucille’s debut record. The release will coincide with a UK tour that starts with the local Y-NOT festival and ends with Derby Folk Festival.

Lucille are fans of roots, rock n’ roll and rhythm and blues music. The album is co-written by Scott Greensmith, guitarist and singer for the band, and Carl North, who also sings and plays double bass, with a drummer, saxophone player and pianist joining them for the duration of the recording.

It was during the early stages of recording the album that the band discovered Hoodwink Recordings and after a short time it was announced that the debut release would be released on the label.

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