Review: Antflavour at Real Time Live

Tricorn hats, frilly shirts and lace skirts ruled as dandy highwaymen, Prince Charming and puss in boots put heart and soul into an ant-astic spectacle.

The fans were living the dream, the band were living the dream as they rocked the joint at Real Time Live in Chesterfield.

Antflavour at Real Time Live

Antflavour at Real Time Live

Girls mesmerised by the flamboyant singer stretched out their hands, men sang along to every number and rows of mobile phones captured the moment.

Adam and the Ants it wasn’t - but who cared! The audience were having a great time riding the wave of nostalgia with captain Simon Clarke at the helm of tribute band Antflavour.

Dressed in leather trousers jazzed up with scarves and feathers, military jacket and trademark white stripe across his nose, Simon’s mission was to stand and deliver his role model’s back catalogue.

Goody Two Shoes and Ant Music were among the usual suspects, giving the fans ample opportunity to do the crossed arms stance to Prince Charming or yell We are Family, Wild Nobility to Kings of the Wild Frontier.

Antflavour at Real Times Live

Antflavour at Real Times Live

Yet it was the less familiar numbers such as Desperate Not Serious, Friend Or Foe and Killer In The House which shone out, performance-wise.

Antflavour paid tribute to the memory of Michele Hawcroft, dedicating the song Wonderful to the mum and avid Adam and the Ants fan who died recently. “We love her, we miss her,” said Simon.

Spectators from as far away as America’s New Jersey were treated to original choice cuts from Prisoners of Millbank. The post-punk trio delivered a powerful set featuring epic soundscapes in well-crafted songs such as Psychosis and The King Is Dead.

Their finale was a nod to David Bowie when they put their own stamp on Suffragette City,