Review: Definitely Mightbe at Real Time Live, Chesterfield

Definitely Mightbe playing at Real Time LIve
Definitely Mightbe playing at Real Time LIve

Having stated many times before that ‘Tribute Bands’ don’t really do it for me, it was with some trepidation that I dropped in to see this Stoke foursome who go under the banner of Definitely Mightbe. Or maybe it was Adored.

Anyway, tipping their hat to the Brit pop era of Stone Roses in part one of the set and Oasis in part two, I was soon put in my place as Chesterfield’s Real Time Live was packed for starters, as they opened up with Adored, with one of their many big tunes, She Bangs The Drums soon following. Musicians was of the highest order as the crowd sang along, with Fool’s Gold and Resurrection bringing the first act to a close.

With the intermission over it was time to let fly as Oasis with Rock N Roll Star hitting the mark for me as that song really does say it all. With Ian Alcock on vocals, Pete Coppard on drums, Paul Mitchel on guitar and Kev Pyne thumping the bass this likeable gang ploughed on with Some Might Say, Wonderwall and Don’t Look Back In Anger. It has to said that throughout the night, most of the songs were accompanied by mass sing alongs from the still packed house.

Having played all the crowd pleasers the encore was soon upon us as the night ended with Cigarettes and Alcohol and very loud Chesterfield cheers. Whilst an original band, or even a covers band, tick more of my personal boxes, even I had to admit that the evening had been a success.

And at the end of the day, that’s definitely what it’s all about.