REVIEW: Heroes charity single by The Seventy.

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There’s no doubt that The Seventy were a loveable band already; their cool and approachable band members, their brilliant indie rock and roll music and now they’re releasing a single for charity.

That’s right: for charity.

These lads are TOO nice, there must be a flaw somewhere!

‘Heroes’ originally by David Bowie; takes a hit from rock and roll and it’s given an almighty good spin.

Already an uplifting song, there’s something powerful about James’ vocals that urges the listener to scream along “We could be heroes, just for one day”. Especially if you’re in a convertible car, with the roof top down and the sun is as blistering as it has been these last few days.

The song is incredibly apt for its chosen charity ‘Help For Heroes’ who do a lot of great work and deserve every inch of glory they receive. ‘Heroes’ is all in all, an extremely fitting tribute style song.

It’s a fist pumping, foot tapping , sing a long track that The Seventy carry off effortlessly.

We imagine that David Bowie is a pretty tough artist to cover with his unique and eloquent style, but The Seventy give it a fresh blast of sophistication and energy. The five piece are very similar to bands like The Killers, or Muse, or even U2; it’s their huge, stadium style spin in their performances that gives them that edge.

There’s nothing too tricky or hidden in The Seventy, they’re a very simple,anthemic and soon to be a massive rock band.

That’s all there is to them, and there’s nothing to fault in their charity single, it’s just all talent.

‘Heroes’ is available now; the video is available on Youtube and the lads are promising a £500 donation to the fund if their post reaches 5000 likes on Facebook. Go and check them out , buy the single and be introduced to a brilliant cover, all in the name of charity.