Review: Let It Be at Sheffield Lyceum

Stephen Hill and Reuven Gershon in Let It Be
Stephen Hill and Reuven Gershon in Let It Be

The Beatles and the 1960s are synonymous, but their music is timeless.

The musicians who chart the Fab Four’s career and play the familiar songs in Let It Be, at Sheffield’s Lyceum till Saturday, June 28, could be their grandchildren, but the sound they make is as fresh as if it was all penned yesterday.

They don’t sound quite the same, but close enough, and there’s even a lefthanded bass player.

It’s all there: the Cavern Club, the airport crowds, the stadium gig in New York, the screaming girls, the Royal Variety show with the quip about rattling jewellery, the movie, with retro screens which fill the gaps with news footage.

For the psychedelic years, the suits are more colourful, the hair longer, and 21st technology supplies fabulous lighting and back projection.

They do it all with a little help from their friends in the audience, on the first night mostly golden-agers who were there first time around; they loved every number, and joined in with most of them.

If you remember the songs, or even if you don’t, you’ll love it too.