Review: Paloma wows fans at Forest Live

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We got our own little taste of Glastonbury on Sunday as Paloma Faith rocked the final night of Forest Live’s Sherwood Pines’ mini festival.

Set at the heart of a forest, surrounded by trees, and leaves.. and pollenic spores - even those of us in the audience with hay fever had a faerian fiesta of a time.

Opening act Liam Bailey filled the woodland clearing with his aptly oaken voice - loaded with spirit, his performances are obviously heartfelt, particularly the slowed-down version of Chase & Status’s drum’n’bass anthem Blind Faith.

A distinct lack of percussion gave Liam an unplugged feel - and was explained away by him: “I didn’t want a drummer - on tour they’re a nightmare, always drinking and causing arguments.”

Paloma followed with a big band and a big sound, reminiscent of all that classic pop we still love from the 60s. In fact, she may be best heard in a forest - surrounded by trees and throw-backs, longing for Woodstock.

The superstar headline act had, herself, just come from playing Glastonbury the night before, and had managed a few hours sleep, she told us.

“We’re going to play you some different stuff so you don’t feel shortchanged and just hearing the same songs that were on the telly last night,” said Paloma.

Saving the crowd-pleasers to the end, the set seemed to take us back to an another age, where the trumpeteer is a cheeky devil, the best moment in a song is a dazzling guitar solo or a perfectly held note, and Paloma Faith delivers all that timeless quality. The woman is oozing with class, even if she is known to be a kook more than anything else.

Highlights for me include the kinky boots, the dirty mind, and the... naughty allusion to Kanye’s stand-out set at Glasto. We will forgive the slight blunder as you stylishly attempted to swish out your Chinese fan and hurled it to the floor. Very Smooth.

We love you Paloma - you’re mad, you’re loud and you’re blooming brilliant.