Review: Satnam’s Tash at the George & Dragon, Belper

Curiousity, some say, is a curious old thing. Such was the case when I saw Satnam’s Tash, a threesome hailing from Ambergate and the Nottingham/ Derby area who have possible the strangest name known to man.

It’s always good to step outside one’s comfort zone as these chaps, Adam on bass, Pete on vocals and guitar and Andy on Cajon carefully split their set into two halves.

The first offering was all acoustic but not in its purest form as each song was well-chosen for its pace and speed as we had some stuff by The Rolling Stones, an excellent rendition of Queen Of The Stone Age’s Know One Knows, Fat Bottom Girls by Queen and My Girl by Madness. Now if that’s not diverse then I don’t know what is.

All tunes were brilliantly executed, though it has to be said the icing on the cake would have been less gaps between songs. I was reliably informed that this was sometimes due to not having a firm set-list planned.

With intermission over part two was original electric rock which again was strong stuff with Ma and Pa being just one of the many standout tunes, though they could

have trimmed the set slightly by adding a few choice rock covers as this would have kept the crowd more focused.

Satnam’s Tash have been in one form or another for about ten years now and while it was obvious that they’ve talent and can craft a song well, just a tad more thought into the live offering would have been welcomed.